Don’t stress: VETbytes offers vital stress relief for emergency vets

Emergency and critical care work can be stressful and demanding, and rising caseloads are contributing to more cases of burnout in the veterinary profession. With the application of evidence-based veterinary medicine, VETbytes offers a stress-relief manifesto.

A new survey conducted by the British Veterinary Association has found that three-quarters of vets are concerned about stress and burnout, with the small animal vet category ‘most concerned’ – a situation compounded by the coronavirus pandemic.

Emergency medicine has the added stress of long work hours, an intense work environment with pressure to efficiently identify clinical needs and manage client expectations. Being able to access the best clinical guidance in emergency situations can be a key factor in managing stress levels and improving patient outcomes.

The emergency and critical care app from VETbytes was created as a clinical support tool for veterinary teams, providing evidence-based veterinary information in concise clinical guides. Vets can now also access the ‘latest updates’ feature to seamlessly stay up to date with the latest findings in ECC.

“VETbytes exists to bring evidence-based medicine to the fore of veterinary general practice,” said Zoë Coker and Bronwen Eastwood, co-founders of VETbytes. “Now is a crucial moment for vets to take action to help reduce stress levels, VETbytes offers a cost-effective and simple way to do this.”

VETbytes provides clear benefits to clinicians such as more efficient case management and reduction of errors and stress, which are especially important during the pandemic.

VETbytes is accessible on mobile, iPad and desktop. The latest evidence added to the ECC app is available to view here.

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