Ask VETbytes: What are the treatment aims of head trauma/traumatic brain injury?

This week, we asked VETbytes: “what are the treatment aims when managing a case with head trauma or traumatic brain injury?”. After your initial assessment, our vets recommend the following treatment aims, but first, remember:

Cerebral perfusion pressure = MAP – ICP
If ICP > MAP there is no cerebral perfusion

Optimise MAP
  • i/v fluids
  • +/- blood products
  • +/- vasopressor support
Reduce ICP
  • Avoid hypoxaemia
  • Avoid hypercapnia or hypocapnia
  • Promote venous drainage by elevating the upper body by 15–30 degrees
  • Manage seizures
  • Control pain
  • Reduce cerebral oedema with hypertonic saline or mannitol

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