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We offer individual and practice subscriptions and cater for all sizes of establishments from small single-site practices to large corporations.
We also offer 33% discounts to BSAVA members and BSAVA student members can access the product for FREE.

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You can sign up for individual subscriptions online and obtain immediate access.
If you sign up for one of our heavily discounted practice subscriptions, we will contact you within 48 hours to onboard your team.

Full BSAVA members are eligible for a 33% discount on individual subscriptions to VETbytes.

In order to access this, simply enter your BSAVA number on the checkout page.

This will automatically recognise your status as a full member and reduce your payment by 33%

Subscription to VETbytes ‘Everyday Emergencies’ is FREE for all BSAVA student members.

If you are not already a BSAVA student member, you can register for this FREE membership here.

Once registered or if you are an existing BSAVA student member, you can subscribe to VETbytes for FREE here, you will simply need to enter your BSAVA username and membership number at the checkout when subscribing.

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New graduates who are members of the BSAVA are eligible for 6 months free subscription to VETbytes.

In order to access your 6 months free, choose the “Individual subscription – Annual” and simply enter your BSAVA number on the checkout page.

This will automatically recognise your status as a new graduate and reduce your payment to £0.00 without the need to enter any payment details.

We will contact you at the end of your free subscription by email to ask you if you would like to sign up for a fully paid subscription.

Emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night.

We have tailored our product to cater for all levels of expertise and it is suitable and beneficial for both primary care vets, who may not have regular opportunities to practice skills in dealing with emergencies, or the dedicated out-of-hours vet who wants to keep abreast of the latest advances in emergency medicine.

VETbytes can also help with the transition from primary care vet to out-of-hours provider by encouraging a consistent and high-quality approach.

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VETbytes app is a web-based app and can be found at https://vetbytes.co.uk/ but not in the Andriod or Apple app stores.

For similar, quick and easy access, you can however save the VETbytes web app icon to your device and you can then log in rapidly every time by saving your password in the browser or using face ID.

Yes, if you choose one of our “practice” packages, all your users will be able to access the product without the need to log in. This will save time and stress especially when dealing with emergencies.

As an individual subscriber, you can save the VETbytes web app link to your device which will then allow you to log in rapidly each time by saving your password in the browser or using face ID.

If you choose one of our “practice” subscription packages we can ensure that all your locums can gain access to VETbytes while they are working for you, creating consistency of care across your practice.

VETbytes is updated continuously. We are the most up-to-date veterinary clinical resource available.

Our team of vets trawl through the peer-reviewed veterinary literature and extract all the information you will need to make better, faster clinical decisions.

Evidence for change in a guide that would seriously impact the health or welfare of your patients will be updated urgently.

New evidence that would change practice will be updated within one month.

Evidence that confirms our current recommendations will be updated within 3 months.

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