VETbytes is not just another online encyclopaedia, we have looked closely at what works in the medical profession and have brought a “next-generation” clinical resource to the veterinary profession


5 reasons to choose VETbytes:

1. VETbytes supports faster, better clinical decisions and improved patient care

2. VETbytes can bring about quality improvement (QI) within veterinary practices

3. VETbytes encourages compliance through shared decision making to gain client trust

4. VETbytes helps to upskill the veterinary workforce and builds confidence

5. VETbytes is recommended by veterinary specialists and leading bodies


  • Promote compliance with the highest standards of care
  • Consistence of care
  • Allocation of resources to diagnostics and treatments with evidence-based efficacy
  • Optimal outcomes


  • Potential to reduce burnout
  • Improved engagement and productivity
  • Strengthened communication and culture
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased happiness and perception of competence
  • Job satisfaction
  • Retention of staff


  • Satisfaction and perception of value
  • Trust
  • Confidence and reputation
  • Promotional benefits


  • Reliability
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Time efficiencies

By using VETbytes, clinicians know they are providing the most effective care that is available to their patients. This will promote compliance with the highest standards of care, create consistency of care and optimal outcomes. In addition, using EBVM has been shown to also have a positive effect on client relationships and practice teams, leading to business and financial rewards.