Torasemide was shown to be effective and safe to use in cats with congestive heart failure (CGF) as a first-line and second-line loop diuretic treatment
Journal citation

Poissonnier, C., Ghazal, S., Passavin, P. et al (2020)
Tolerance of torasemide in cats with congestive heart failure: a retrospective study on 21 cases (2016-2019)
BMC Veterinary Research; 16 (1) 339

Published September 2020

Type of study
  • Case series
  • n = 21 cats
Key points
  • 21 cats with CHF caused by varying underlying heart conditions were treated with torasemide (median dose 0.21 mg/kg)
  • Clinical signs declined in most cats during the first 2 weeks
  • There were no remarkable adverse effects
  • Median survival time was not statistically different from a control group receiving furosemide as sole diuretic although the torasemide group included significantly more cats with recurrent episodes of CHF
  • No worsening of IRIS stage was observed within the first 2 weeks in torasemide treated cats


  • Retrospective study meant some data was missing and medical treatments were not standardised
  • This study included cats with various heart conditions which may have influenced the data
  • Small sample size
  • Cause of death (cardiac vs non-cardiac) was based on owner and vet descriptions and some may have been misclassified
  • Torasemide can be used in cats with spontaneous CHF as a first-line and second-line treatment, with very few adverse effects and good general tolerance